Spanish Class at Shoreline

Our Spanish Program with Mrs. Rivas provides a one semester academic elective class at Shoreline. There is homework because the students need to review vocabulary and lessons at home in order to memorize words and sentences to make progress towards fluency.


The California Standards for Foreign Language Instruction are addressed in class by giving students an introduction to a variety of topics and expanding their access to information around the globe through online activities and authentic source documents. They participate in every day social interactions and make connections to help reinforce knowledge from other content areas in the curriculum. They make progress along the “Language Learning Continuum” by learning a wide variety of content, vocabulary, and grammar including the following.

Students will be learning:

Students are learning to have an appreciation for differences in culture and to have an empathy for those who struggle to learn a new language. The lessons in class are integrated with technology so that all learning modalities are reinforced.

Students will be learning Spanish by:

See Students' PowerPoint Presentations and Movies in Spanish