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Graphic of Aiden's iGame

Graphic from Aiden J.'s iGame

Here are the instructions to play these games:

(This web page displays best in Google Chrome or Firefox.)

1) Download a free copy of Alice 2.5, (it's cross platform; for a Mac or PC), from https://www.alice.org/get-alice/alice-2/and follow the instructions to install, extract, and run the program.

2) In Firefox use a right mouse click, (or control click), to Save link as...and download the game to your computer.

3) Open Alice 2.5 and then File>Open World.

4) The Play button is located in the top left hand corner; click on the Play button to start the game.Then, click on the green button in the top left hand corner to increase to full size.


Period 5 - iGames
The Race by Tony
Late to Work by Axel and Kevin E.
Space Puzzle by Calvin
Survival by Audrey
The Loop Race by Samantha
Tank Timed Race by Dominick C. and Demarco
Ninja Race by Antony M.
Saving Jon by Roberto C.
Find Your Way Home by Christopher P.
The Race by Angie
Survive! by William R.
Slenderman by Thomas
Maze by Dominic R.
Dog Race by Julian and Andi
Maze Runner by Kaili
Island Adventures and Q & A by Aiden J.
Racing Cars by Betsy and Diana S.
Fast and Furious by Kevin V.
Beat the Clock by Daian L. and Maggie

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