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Graphic from Navaeh's Roundin' Up Horses Game

Graphic from Navaeh's Roundin' Up the Horses iGame

Here are the instructions to play these games:

(This web page displays best in Google Chrome and Firefox.)

1) Download a free copy of Alice 2.5, (it's cross platform; for a Mac or PC), from https://www.alice.org/get-alice/alice-2/ and follow the instructions to install, extract, and run the program.

2) In Firefox use a right mouse click, (or control click), to Save link as...and download the game to your computer.

3) Open Alice 2.5 and then File>Open World.

4) The Play button is located in the top left hand corner; click on the Play button to start the game.Then, click on the green button in the top left hand corner to increase to full size!


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Stranded by Lexi
Ballerina Run by Michelle A. and Michele G.


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