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Volleyball animation by Isabela

Graphic of Isabela's Volleyball animation

Period 1 Students' work is posted on 2 web pages due to the videos. Please click here for topics related to things in the world.

These students' web pages were created in Google Docs. Simply click on the link to read their web pages or to see their animations that have been converted to YouTube videos in order to display properly on this web page. Please use either Google Chrome or Firefox. Enjoy! Also, because these YouTtube videos are public Mrs. Rivas is not able to control the content that is displayed after the student's video has played. YouTube displays past videos on her channel and other videos in the world.

(Continued from Period 1A Web Page)


Baseball and animation by Kenneth
Football and animation by Javier
Soccer and animation by Chris S.
Surfing and animation by Benjamin S.
Volleyball and animation by Isabela


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