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Graphic of Merielle's Laptop Animation

Graphic of Merielle's Laptop Animation

Please be patient, this page takes a while to load since it contains so many downloadable videos.

Period 1 Students' work is posted on 2 web pages due to the videos. Please click here in the future for topics related to sports.

These students' web pages were created in Google Docs. Simply click on the link to read their web pages. However, their amazing animations may be viewed in mp4 movie format by downloading them with a right mouse click, or control click on a track pad, selecting "save link as...". Please use either Google Chrome or Firefox. If you have a Mac then, these will play automatically. If you have a PC then, please use the link below to download a free FLV player to see the movie in your player. Enjoy!

For PC only:


In the World

Munchkin Cat and animation by Aurora
Cartoons and animation by Patrick H.
Cheetahs and animation by Ivy
Laptops and animation by Merielle
Dance and animation by Gabriela
Foxes and animation by Melanie R.
GMOD and animation by Kalani
Golden Retrievers and animation by Tyler B.
Pandas and animation by Amaya C.
Roses and animation by Briana
Roses by Kaya
Sharks by Diego
Water Cycle and animation by Jennifer G.


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