Welcome to our Advanced Computer Students' iWorlds Programmed in Java

pict of Veronica's iWorld

Alice by Veroncia

Here are the iWorlds that Advanced Computer students have created by programming in Java in Alice 3.1. In order to play them you need to download Alice 3.1. All software is free and available online. So, do the following:

1) Download a free copy of Alice3.1; (it is a complete software program and it is not an upgrade from Alice 2.2), from http://www.alice.org/index.php?page=downloads/download_alice3.1 and follow the instructions to install, extract, and run the program. Alice 3.1 is cross platform; for a Mac or PC.

2) When downloading the student's iWorld to your computer please use Google Chrome or Firefox and use a right mouse click, (or control click), and select "Save link as..." to your computer. Remember to open Alice 3.1 before opening the downloaded file so that it works correctly.

4) The Play button, for the game, is located in the top left hand corner; click on the Play button to start the game. Then, click on the green button in the top left hand corner to increase to full size.

Have fun playing the 3D interactive games in our iWorlds!

Our iWorlds
Alice by Veronica
Show me the Money by Samantha
You Decide by Lechelle
Find the Pajama Fish by Christopher H.
The Iceskater by Yasmeen
Obstacle Race by Abraham
Tell Samantha by Valeria
Land the Plane by Austin
Order Pizza by Christopher A.
Land the Helicopter by Bobby E.


Please email Mrs. Rivas at srivas@losd.ca if you need any technical support to do this on your computer at home.

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