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Mermaid Animation by Emma S.

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"Shoreline Middle School photo by Susan Rivas"

Computer Science Classes at Shoreline Middle School

Students in our Elective Computer Science Classes are being taught critical thinking skills as they create a Digital Portfolio to develop and support their digital literacy and collaborative learning with interdisciplinary projects. Taking a Beginning or Advanced Computer Class is a great way to learn more about how to use a computer. In our Computer Lab, in Santa Cruz, California, we have 32 Mac minis with 22" inch flat screen monitors. Mrs. Rivas uses a Promethean Board and a variety of software programs to teach 21st Century skills to her students. Students learn cross-platform skills so that they can work on any computer! Students use Google Classroom to send and retrieve their work. All Computer Elective students have the opportunity to program the computer in order to create their own interactive 3D video game. Beginning Computer students use Alice 2.4, which uses Java-like programming which was developed by Carnegie Mellon University. Advanced Computer students use Alice 3.1 which uses Java programming.

In the Beginning Computer Classes students practice keyboarding skills, they use Google Docs and Google Classroom, Excel spreadsheets and charts, web pages, animation sequences in Flash CS5, and create an interactive 3D video game.

In the Advanced Classes students create some cool interdisciplary projects using desktop publishing skills such as brochures, newsletters, and business letters and they learn how to do interactive programming in Java to create a 3D video game. Additionally, students continue to refine their skills by creating Excel spreadsheets and charts, web pages, and animation sequences in Adobe Flash CS5.

The animation sequences that are posted here were created on the Mac with Operating System X using Adobe Flash CS5 and some have been converted into YouTube videos in order to display better on our website.

Adobe Flash PlayerIf you do not have an Adobe Flash Player for the Mac, or Adobe Flash Player for Windows, then please download it now so that you can see the amazing iGames and animation sequences our students have created by using the links on the left.

Be sure to use the link, posted here on the left column, to see the Common Core Computer Science Standards that are addressed in our Computer Science Classes.